2022-03-07 SEC Call notes


Mar 7, 2022

Discourse SEC calls


  • @Sebastian Garde

  • @Seref Arikan

  • @Diego Bosca

  • @Pieter Bos

  • @Joost Holslag

  • @Ian McNicoll

  • @Bjørn Næss

  • @Matija Polajnar

  • @Erik Sundvall

  • @Thomas Beale

  • @Sebastian Iancu


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5 min



USEFUL Jira RESOURCE: CRs I have not accepted.

15+ min

PR / CR processing

@Thomas Beale , @Joost Holslag


10 min

Archie 2.0 announce

@Pieter Bos

New features:

  • Constraint-binding strength

  • rm_overlay

  • SPECAM-76 fix

  • various AOM compliance

  • value-set inclusion

15 min - skipped

EHR Index service (see also IHE services PIX / PDQ)

@Heath Frankel (Unlicensed) @Seref Arikan

Discuss defining this service?

See placeholder in Platform Service Model.

10 mins - skipped

GUI hints / rules etc

@Erik Sundvall

Discourse thread.

15 min

Conformance framework - progress; call for participation

@Thomas Beale @Pablo Pazos

@Seref Arikan - need to find out current regression / passing situation - probably not 100%

10 min

SEC governance:

  • ToR doc - propose vote (needs 2/3 majority)

  • resignations

  • co-chair elections

@Thomas Beale @Sebastian Iancu

Co-chair election week 2 March.

30+ mins

Endpoint for committing persistent composition

@Matija Polajnar

EDIT: there is now a wiki page for this topic and a Discourse discussion.

FHIR ‘conditional create’. @Seref Arikan consider using the REST approach established by FHIR (i.e. If-None-Exist: [search parameters] extension header); still need to work out our own semantics. How do we do search params ? Could these params be abused i.e. access control. Need to be limited - maybe - ‘match params' or 'creation criteria'.

@Seref Arikan : set the singleton template id list via a dedicated REST endpoint.

@Matija Polajnar : treat this as a back-end validity question.

@Ian McNicoll : template ids + Composition names?

@Diego Bosca : modify existing OPT upload REST endpoint header params?

@Bjørn Næss : rules need to be context specific, e.g. in certain episode, folder etc.

@Ian McNicoll : maybe start with true persistent singletons?

@Bjørn Næss : how to handle branching? Partial commits (multi-Composition) fail if one Composition breaks the rule.

@Thomas Beale : consider these as ‘content policies’ for EHR system deployments.

DO we want a ‘singleton’ Composition category?

Need an atomic operation of committing a certain COMP iff doesn’t already exist (e.g. no meds list yet), i.e. can’t create accidental duplicates; problem of race condition of N clients trying to create a Meds list; could be done by checking a business rule settable in a given deployment that limits some template xyz to only one instance. Where are the rule(s) encoded?

@Heath Frankel (Unlicensed) What about when the Composition is part of a multi-Composition Contribution?

Potentially this needs to be managed in the back-end site-level config / rules.

@Seref Arikan one approach for dedicated API for Meds list. FHIR…

@Erik Sundvall endpoint ‘black list’ - special template ids? Should be a customer configuration

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Outstanding topics:




Action items

@Seref Arikan , @Heath Frankel (Unlicensed) - share some resources to Discourse on TDS approach as education