2018-04-18 SEC Meeting, Ljubljana





Marand premises,
Koprska Ulica,

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Attendees (remote)

SEC Guests (remote)

  • Seref Arikan
  • Luis Marco-Ruiz
  • Birger Haarbrandt (19th)

*) Awaiting travel approval from organization/bosses



Wednesday, 18 April, 2018
09:00Set agendaAll

Discuss next releases; timing

  • BASE 1.0.x
  • RM 1.1.0
  • AQL
  • Conformance



Food for thought session (15 mins each):

Thomas BealeBjørn Næss, ?Ian McNicoll
10:45~~ c o f f e e ~~
11:00PR status reviewAll

~~~~ l u n c h ~~~~

13:30PR processingAll
15:30Conformance & service model overview / approachSeref - Cucumber
16:30REST APIs, service model
18:00~~~~ c l o s e ~~~~
Thursday, 19 April, 2018
09:00AQL evolution (notes page)
10:00TDS / relatedHeath
10:45~~ c o f f e e ~~
11:00Terminology Bindings ReviewDiego Bosca
11:30PR Processing
12:15~~~~ l u n c h ~~~~
14:00Terminology Bindings ReviewDiego Bosca

Task Planning

Bjørn Næss
15:30GDL2 + TP, overlap etc.
16:30PRs / CRs
18:00~~~~ c l o s e ~~~~
Friday, 20 April 2018

Content referencing / bundling - see notes page

Erik, all

REST API - status report

Bjorn - release what we have

Discussion on error reporting


Tech review of clinical models - see notes page.


Task Planning:

12:00Consent / Access settings / etc (TB concepts doc)HF, Erik, etc
12:15~~~~ l u n c h ~~~~

14:30RM Release review
16:00~~~~ c l o s e ~~~~

Action items

  • SEC: Conformance test approach: communicate with Mgt Board on commissioning work
  • SEC: AQL evolution; agree working group and set up some calls pre-summer; try to determine updates to AQL spec
    • also discuss Tagging/citation/refs/link-following/DV_EHR_URI
    • Complete by next SEC meeting (Q3 2018)
  • Folders - call TB / BN / SI
  • Add Link.apib back into REST API: Former user (Deleted)
  • Fix the TOC rendering problem (remove backticks in headings): Former user (Deleted)
  • Fix name of index file. to not clash with standard page Former user (Deleted) Thomas Beale
  • Change classes master index page to be single list alphabetical Thomas Beale
  • SEC: consider how to improve spec page visually - refer to web group; + consider CKM presentation of thematically related archetypes
  • Develop list of clinical model patterns that should go into the RM: Ian McNicoll
  • Plan a meeting on tech + clinical modellers on 'patterns'; RM; technical needs  consequences. Bjørn NæssIan McNicoll
  • Create a master archetype library reference page - website? Wiki? WHO?
  • Ask Diego/Veratech about online repo viewer - Luis / Diego
  • Foundation should ask community: 


  • Finalise REST API 1.0
  • Agree direction for Conformance and abstract platform specs
  • Agree BASE 1.1.0 release
  • Review RM 1.0.4 / RM 1.1.0 Release and relevant PRs
  • Agree AQL evolution
  • Consider future developments
    • Application-oriented data sets & RM support


Community Issues

  • please add something to this list with your name, project, details etc, and we will try to integrate it into the agenda
  • Diego B.,
    • AQL calls to external services, discuss if it worth it to include such calls to external services such as CDSS, terminology services, or even available linked data
  • Bjørn N.
    • review and details on Task Planning - whats needed for v 1.1; TP REST API 1.0 , TP Query Language 
    •  AQL for secondary use of data? 
    • specification for formbased (data entry views) for openEHR clinical models? 
    • how should the SEC group cooperate with the clinical modellers? 
    • how does CDS hooks, GDL and Task Planning fit together? (Rong are you able to say something on this?) 
  • Sebastian I
    • AQL for Demographic
    • (discuss about) update/delete AQL 
    • (left over from previous meetings) versioning and release of specification-ITS github repository
  • Erik S
    • Getting some initial/draft version of TDS/TDD published.
    • AQL querying filtered via folder-containment (or filtered via some other citation/containment mechanism that can be created without modifying the referenced COMPOSITIONs)
    • Would it be pedagogical to reuse the FHIR concept of multi-purpose "bundles" to provide more advanced/configurable containment structures that can be used for both AQL filtering and report creation etc?