2016-04-28 SEC Call notes




Discussion items

15 minReview actions items last callThomas Beale 
30 minReview RM 1.0.4 items
  • SPECRM-49 - being fixed.
15 minTerminology progressIan McNicoll
10 minAM rulesThomas BealeSee ADL2 rules section; AOM2 rules section.
 Workflow relatedBjørn NæssPsy committal workflow - ref Bjørn Næss
 Archetype modeling issues 
  • There is a SEC worry about CKM archetyping work that avoids specializations. Is it due to old ADL1.4 tooling or other reasons? What are the consequenses for AQL querying? Is it important time to fix this properly now during "industry sprint" before too much data is stored in ways that make querying harder?
  • Care plan: Having everything in a big persistent composition does has been shown to be impractical/problematic in several use cases seen by both DIPS and Code24. In a norwegian context it might even be illegal - forcing every actor changing something to sign the entire plan.

Erik Sundvall asked about how INSTRUCTION+ACTIVITY+ACTION is usually modelled/connected in GUIs. Are there helpful tools like form builders or do you need to write code?

Bjørn Næss demoed ACTION → ACTIVITY bindings in DIPS.

We probably need to publish more examples showing use in runtime systems if we want different implementers to do things in similar ways.

Action items

  • Thomas Beale - ask ABD group to publish some material
  • Thomas Beale - Consider planning a joint workshop with implementers and archetype authors (including at least Clinical Programme leads+SEC?) - addressing best practice use of openEHR Instruction and related structures for workflow, care plan use cases.