Demographic Service


This page provides an abstract specification for the Demographic service in openEHR.

openEHR Specification

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Source Specifications

Below are some service definitions used in current openEHR products, from which design concepts have been drawn for the openEHR Demographic service.

openEHR Community


Relevant Standards

PIDS (from CORBAmed)


IHE PDQ (Patient demographic query)


Microsoft CHF

Persons and Identities Component

The Persons and Identities Component stores, maintains and enables access to data regarding a Person, their Health enrollment (as Patient) and their Social Care enrollment (as Social Care Client). Capabilities are provided to input, validate, maintain, store and output personal demographic data such as name and address, personal details, family relationships and care arrangements and limited medical and social care-related data. A linkage is provided via the personal identifier to the different identifiers used in the health and care domains, of which there could be many. Details of patient and client care and treatments are often stored in local doctors, care professionals, hospital and social work department systems in local ePRs (electronic patient records) or eCRs (electronic care records. Linkages are provided to these systems in the form of pointers, or URLs to the appropriate ePR or eCR records.

Indicative Business Services (p111, CHF part 2):

  • Record new person and their demographics
  • Registers Patient
  • Records Person Death
  • Records Birth of Child (and create Person and Health/Care Record)
  • Records Person Emigration (deregister)
  • Searches for Person (or Patient or Client) by Personal/Patient/Client Number or Name/Address/DoB etc.
  • Provides Personal Demographic Data
  • Provides Family Links (Father, Mother, Children, etc)
  • Provides Next of Kin Information
  • Updates Personal Details and Preferences (by the Person)
  • Updates Donor/Volunteer Information
  • Updates Family Information (incl. Next of Kin) (by the Person)
  • Provide Care Residence information
  • Provide Carer information
  • Maintain demographic classifications

Patient and Client Groups Component - Indivcative business services (p115, CHF part 2).

The Patient and Client Groups component provides facilities for the definition, formation, operation, analysis and reporting of patient/client groups and the population of such groups with relevant patients or clients. Screening Groups are formed to perform preventative medicine and clinical surveillance of defined groups of patients. Care Groups are formed to provide help and assistance to persons with similar care needs and might include self help and voluntary care sector activities as well as "official" provisions.

  • Provides Screening Group Definition capability
  • Provides Risk Factor Definition and Evaluation capability
  • Provides Group Membership Qualifying Criteria
  • Provides Patient or Client Search against Qualifying Criteria
  • Provides Candidate Membership List
  • Produces Membership Invitations
  • Enrolls Patient in Screening Group
  • Enrolls Social Care Client in Care Group
  • Schedules Screening Test
  • Performs Screening Test
  • Records Screening Test Results
  • Records Care Group Progress and Outcomes
  • Performs Individual Screening Test Results Analyses
  • Evaluates Results
  • Provides for Communication of Results to Patient or Client
  • Performs Group Analyses
  • Reports Conclusions and Trends