Workbench does not remember the last file-type which was opened


When choosing filetype 1.4, adl_workbench should remember this at next opening of a file. This would be good ergonomics




Thomas Beale
May 27, 2016, 7:28 AM

The normal mode of operation is not opening individual archetypes, but using archetype libraries, as per this help page:
Can you first determine if this mode of operation works normally?

Bert Verhees
May 27, 2016, 9:19 AM

I get a dialog which wants to add a remote repository. I have a local. So I choose the local directory.

Then I get the message it is not a repository: no _repo.idx

Then, I refresh and I have a new repository called xxxx-xxxx-2

But then, I need to add a new library to that repository. I understand. Nice.

Strange software. Nice but strange, I click on an observation, and it opens a kind of command window with message: 1234123123123123412345

I close it, and the application crashes without exception.
Try again, must click a few times on refresh and the library appears again.

I click on the something-archetype I made.
It says: ERROR line 36 [last token = ERR_VALUE_SET_DEF_DUP_CODE]: (STCDC) Syntax error: duplicate code id8 found in code list of terminology constraint at path /defining_code

Sorry Thomas, this take stoo much time, I need to check some arcehtypes on syntax-errors, and this is not the way. The Ocean arcehtype-editor is not the way, because some of them are demographic, and the linkehr editor is not the way, because that is buggy and removes all the defining_code descriptions.

Frankly asked: Aren't you worried about the quality of tooling, and that after so many years of experience? I remember some of the problems were already there in 2008.

It really makes me tired, I am really sorry to say that!!!
This should be a real priority issue.
I am sure it would pay back.

I am now going to use the adl-parser from Rong on the command line, and I create my archetypes in the LinkEHR editor and write additional ADL-code in a text-editor.

Thomas Beale
May 27, 2016, 9:27 AM

Bert, normally you can just install the CKM-mirror and adl-archetypes and CIMI repositories. The tool will do that for you. If would be useful to know if that works. To date, we know this works on Windows, Linux and MaxOSX.

I think you are doing things with it that most users do not do, so we may not have tested it; yours is the first report in 10 years like this. There are undoubtedly some bugs, but to fix them I need a) proper bug reports with details) and b) to know if the standard mode of operation works.

Thomas Beale
May 27, 2016, 9:28 AM

BTW if you want to get syntax checks on archetypes, the ADL Workbench will certainly do it for you. The STCDC error is one of those.

Bert Verhees
May 27, 2016, 9:47 AM

I never used the tooling.
Sorry I am harsh, but this really makes me sad and despair a bit.
It must be a lot of bad luck I have.

Btw: It does not install the CKM. Nothing happens if I click on that. Windows 7, Workbench 2.0.5

I have these errors in the console, always at startup, I don't know what they maen
ERROR (bmm_schema_post_merge_validate_fail) Reference Model schema iso_21090_0.90 failed post-merge validation; errors:
ERROR (BMM_CLPKDP) Schema iso_21090_0.90 has duplicate class name Byte in package assumed_types and also package assumed_types

The STCDC error it generates on my archetype, I don't understand the meaning of it. There is no "id8" in my defining_code-statement, I have attached the arcehtype here.


Bert Verhees