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Changes to VERSION preparatory to EHR Extract upgrade

The Release 1.0 specification of the Version and related classes uses inheritance
to relate Version, Imported_version, Merged_version. This creates several problems:
- a Version may be both merged and imported
- an immutable "version" concept is needed that doesn't change once created, and can
  be safely digitally signed and transported in EHR Extracts.





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Change Description

Changes made: The current classes are replaced with a model which includes: - a VERSION class, from which inherit two other classes: - ORIGINAL_VERSION, being the immutable locally created form - IMPORTED_VERSION, a wrapper for an imported ORIGINAL_VERSION - add lifecycle_state to VERSION (so that it applies to both ORIGINAL_VERSION and IMPORTED_VERSION) - some corrections to commit and other functions on VERSIONED_OBJECT Merging is modelled inside ORIGINAL_VERSION using an attribute containing a list of other versions in the same tree that were merged into the current version.

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