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Use constants instead of literals to refer to terminology in RM

Currently in the RM class invariants, terminology is referred to using
literal strings. This should be replaced by constants to remove the
possibility of typographical errors and other similar mistakes, and also
to make it possible to define the definitive list of code_sets and
terminologies required for an openEHR implementation.





Rong Chen

Change Description

Changes made: - refine the method of referring to openEHR terminology groups and code sets (see classes and text in rm.basic.terminology) - replace all occurrences of literal strings identifying openEHR code sets and terminologies with symbolic constants, and the modified functional access - define the constants in two new classes in the rm.support.terminology package, named OPENEHR_TERMINOLOGY_GROUP_IDENTIFIERS, and OPENEHR_CODE_SET_IDENTIFIERS - Modify the structure of the rm.support.definitions package so that the class OPENEHR_DEFINITIONS inherits from a new class BASIC_DEFINITIONS containing the properties of OPENEHR_DEFINITIONS, as well as from the above-mentioned two classes.

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