Re-evaluate COMPOSITION.is_persistent attribute


While there is a clear need to be able to differentiate
between "persistent" (e.g. family history, therapeutic
precautions) and "event" Compositions (patient contact, test
result), there may be more types which need to be classified, e.g.
types such as current medications and problem list whcih are
currently seen as persistent, perhaps should be a subtype which
means "persistent, regeneratable", meaning their content may be
partly derived from querying. Other Compositions to do with e.g.
pregnancy which are relatively long-lived, but do have finite
durations and are not of interest for much time past the end,
should perhaps be marked as "process" or similar.

One solution would be to change COMPOSITION and
VERSIONED_COMPOSITION.is_persistent: Boolean to e.g. type:
DV_TEXT, and make the types a controlled vocabulary.

DK: We are about to review the code-set for revision_status in
EHRcom to consider these issues. Can I suggest that we adopt a
placeholder attribute that is not Boolean, and add a code-set
in a couple of months.

The functional behaviour requirements which this attribute
satisfies should be described in the documentation.

DL: describe behaviour on record opening, committal, etc.




Dipak Kalra

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