Change EVENT class to enable math function interval measurements


The HISTORY class at present allows a list of events which
are either 'point in time' when duration is NULL. In the prototype
archetype editor we have experienced the benefit of having a formal
interval measurement with mathematic functions available for quantifiable
datatypes. This means that we do not need new archetypes for maximum, min
average, mode, change (delta), total. There are probably others??

The result is now that it is possible to have more than one series in one
ENTRY - consider a temperature measurement where every hour an average, a
minimum and a maximum is added.

It would be possible to deal with this by having different series in the
same history, but it is not pretty - the period might be different for
example. The best means of dealing with this is to have multiple histories
in my opinion. Each HISTORY will know if it is 'point in time' or 'interval'.
This also means that we need to have the maths function (average etc) as a
feature of the HISTORY also - as these have to be the same to interpret the

Events need to have a width (I think it is duration in the RM) if they are
interval measurements - as well as an offset, as well as whether a change
is signed negative.

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