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Allow cardinality keyword for multiple attributes

Cardinality has become a non-mandatory property, i.e. it is not necessary to use it if it is not being constrained. In order to identify multiple attribute object (or to set the new is_container attribute) while parsing an ADL file without requiring a reference model definition, it becomes necessary to include a marker at ADL to identify those nodes.

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Thomas Beale


David Moner

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David Moner

Impact Analysis

In order to reduce implementation issues, "cardinality" is the proposed keyword to be used. The use of a different word, such us "is_container" would lead to a better legibility of ADL but would require additional changes to the tooling and parsers.


Thomas Beale

Change Description

The proposed solution uses the "cardinality" keyword without the cardinality range to indicate which attributes are containers. - Multiple attribute with redefinition of cardinality: container_attr cardinality matches {2..*} matches { ... } - Multiple attribute without redefinition of cardinality: container_attr cardinality matches { ... }


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ADL 1.4

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