Upgrade term and constraint bindings to structures


Currently term and constraint bindings are 1:1 equivalences, and thus cannot carry any extra meta-data such as provenance, design intention, or other formal elements.


Thomas Beale
June 15, 2020, 2:53 PM

Various notes from SEC meeting:

local value sets could be in

  • Terminology Service ( )

  • In archetype - just more bindings ( )

  • separate associated ‘sibling’ artefact ( )

says need local value sets in template - should act like an 'implementation guide'.

downside: numerous special templates, just to accommodate the needed rate of changes / updates.

: use FHIR value-sets approach - could they be inside a source template - e.g. from a governance / mgt point of view.

: ideally separated from templates (ref: Norway).

TB: future could be to treat source template as multiple artefacts (files) ; compile with appropriate options into OPT which does act as a standalone artefact, including any locally needed value sets.


Thomas Beale

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