Return very minimal REST responses to avoid 204 No content codes.


The current REST responses do not enforce any complelty minimal responses so that 204 No content is returned that in my experience confuses developers.

In many case too there is some minimal valuable content e.g. the ehr_id or composition_uid which is oftne used for the next stage of processing. THis is currently returned in the ETag header but this is often obscure instead REST libraries and requires the quote marks to be stripped.

Suggested v. minimal responses...


POST - the new uid
PUT - the updated uid
DELETE - the deleted uid

POST - the new ehr_id
PUT - the ehr_id

POST - the new templateId, uid and dateCommited
PUT - the updated templateId, uid and dateCommited
DELETE - the deleted templateId, uid and dateDeleted

/query - an empty Resultset array?

I'm aware that might be at odds with 'proper' Restful design but the current 204s are quite confusing.


Ian McNicoll

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