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The type of VERSIONED_OBJECT.uid doesn't match the type of VERSION.uid.object_id

VERSIONED_OBJECT<T> has a 'uid' attribute that is meant to represent a unique identifier for all versions of this object - so kind of like the master identifier for this document set. It is of type HIER_OBJECT_ID

VERSION<T> is a particular instance of a document version - so many VERSION<T> documents may be part of one overall VERSIONED_OBJECT (amendments etc). It also has a 'uid' attribute of type OBJECT_VERSION_ID.

A OBJECT_VERSION_ID consists of object_id, version_tree_id and creating_system_id. Section 6.3.3 says that the object_id part is a copy of the uid attribute of VERSIONED_OBJECT. However, this doesn't really work because VERSIONED_OBJECT has a uid which is a HIER_OBJECT_ID (could be in the form, whereas object_id can only be a plain UID (i.e.

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