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Improving Translation details and other_contributors


The Translator details in ADL seem to have some limitations, which should be looked into for a future release

What seems to be current practice is that a translation will be done by more than one person and the documentation of this is not really supported by the model:

accreditation : String 1 – Accreditation of translator, usually a national translator's association id
author : Hash<String,String> 1 – Translator name and other demographic details

Only one translator is available.
The easiest change would be to make author repeatable, but accreditation (which seems to be somewhat detached from the author anyway) would need to be changed then as well - is accreditation that important that it couldn't be captured as part of the author Hash or what is the reason for having it separate?

The other problem we have is with other_contributors not sticking to the same format (i.e. we only have a list of contributors without more formal metadata):

original_author : Hash<String,String> 1 – Original author of this resource, with all relevant details, including organisation.
other_contributors : List<String> 0..1 – Other contributors to the resource, probably listed in "name " form.

I think I understand why it is modelled as it is, but why not allow other_contributors to be 0..* Hash<String,String> ?

Maybe, we need to look into formalising what an author/translator is a bit more in the model?





Sebastian Garde




Affects versions

AM version 2.0.6
AM version 1.4