Add encoding field for DV_ENCAPSULATED


Encoding is used to know how data is stored, and can be used by serialization formats.

For instance, DV_PARSABLE.value or can be stored RAW (as they were received/recorded), MINIFIED (applies to parsable, remove all tabs and pretty format whitespaces), BASE64 (applies to multimedia).

For serialization, especially for binary data in XML or JSON, we need BASE64.

Since there is no way of specifying the encoding on the DV_ENCAPSULATED, we need to rely on software implementation guides and ITS to know how to decode data we receive from external systems. With the encoding field, the decode is know by just looking at that field's value.

on example of encoding use is on the ED datatype of of HL7 v2.x




Pablo Pazos
April 26, 2018, 6:10 AM

From the SEC meeting it seems no one has issues with specifying format encoding for the encapsulated data (not byte encoding), and the serialization for transport I think it was agreed to add default encodings to the spec, like base64 for XML.

Thomas Beale
April 26, 2018, 7:49 AM

Well, have a look at what I added - a table of examples. If we can add some more to that, we can either say how it works with the current spec, or convince ourselves of an extra attribute.


Pablo Pazos



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