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Adding Folder specific change types

While designing some features using Folders, and checking if I could use AUDIT_DETAILS to store logs for Folder changes, detected for Folders the current change type terminology (for AUDIT_DETAILS.change_type: DV_CODED_TEXT) might not be appropriate.

For instance, on my design I need to log when an item is added or removed from a Folder, and separate both cases. Now I can use "modification" as change type but it doesn't have the required granularity.

I would like to propose adding new change types for Folders:

+ addition: one or more items or subfolders where added to the folder
+ removal: one or more items or subfolders where removed from the folder

For other actions, the current terminology is enough, like "creation" and "deleted"



Thomas Beale


Pablo Pazos


Fix versions

Affects versions

RM Release 1.0.3