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Incorrect type and redefinition of PARTY.uid

I have the impression PARTY class got a new 'redefine' of uid attribute somewhere between v1.0.0 and v1.0.1. Previously was addressed or touched in .

The only thing that mentions something about uid (indirectly) is the following text from section https://www.openehr.org/releases/RM/Release-1.0.2/docs/demographic/demographic.html#_party_identification:
"Identifiers of Party instances in the system are provided in the same way as identifiers of Compositions in the EHR: via the uid attribute (type OBJECT_VERSION_ID) of the containing VERSION. "

If I'm not mistaken this is just an export problem of UML, than propagated to specs.

I think the correct type is the one that inherits from LOCATABLE (so UID_BASED_ID). I'm not sure though if this attribute should be required or not, overriding optional state from LOCATABLE. At least Code24 always implemented this as specified in from LOCATABLE.



Thomas Beale


Sebastian Iancu



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