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AOM node_id optionality rules not clear

In AOM.pdf is stated that node_id from C_OBJECT is mandatory. This is also confirmed in email on the technical mailinglist.

I think this is an error. I checked the Eifel-code:

set_node_id (an_object_id: STRING)
                        Object_id_valid: not an_object_id.is_empty
                        representation.set_node_id (an_object_id)

I think this means, that if it exists it must not be empty.

The same is in the Java-code, where it may be null, but if it is not null it may not be empty.

I don't know what the definition of mandatory is, but I think it says that it may not be null.

If this is the case, then there is an error in the SPECS, or an error in several software-projects, and also lots of errors in 99% of the CKM archetypes in which many C_Primitive_Objects (derived from CObject) occur, all without nodeId.

When this issue is based on misunderstanding, please forgive me.

But I was brought on the track of this issue by an email by Thomas Beale in which he states:
Quote:" I spent a bit of time trawling back through that last discussion on C_OBJECT.node_id (the property that carries at-codes) and whether it should be mandatory or optional, and also whether empty is valid.
Currently it is mandatory, and can't be empty."
This email has as title: "archetype node_ids again - looking for final solution" and has been send on 22 nov 2013.



Thomas Beale


Bert Verhees


Affects versions

RM Release 1.0.2