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  • should we support also archetypes? => no, or at least is low prio, perhaps next version

  • are we going to support (reading) terminology / value sets? => no, this is the job of terminology service

  • add alternative /definition/adl2/{archetype_id_matcher} and deprecate /definition/adl2/{template_id}/{version_pattern}

  • query type => add “formalism” in text

Demographics / Registry

group is ok to do the following, in a separate api page, but it should remain optional, not be required by conformance testing

  • ACTOR is abstract, so we’ll need concrete types

  • Sync SM specs

  • Add /demographicsregistry/person/{version_uid} and /demographicsregistry/versioned_person/{versioned_object_uid}

  • Add /demographicsregistry/agent/{version_uid} and /demographicsregistry/versioned_agent/{versioned_object_uid}

  • Add /demographicsregistry/group/{version_uid} and /demographicsregistry/versioned_group/{versioned_object_uid}

  • Add /demographicsregistry/organisation/{version_uid} and /demographicsregistry/versioned_organisation/{versioned_object_uid}

  • Add /demographicsregistry/role/{version_uid} and /demographicsregistry/versioned_role/{versioned_object_uid}

  • Add /demographicsregistry/party_relationship/{uid}

  • Add also /demographicsregistry/contribution/{contribution_uid} similar to /ehr/{ehr_id}/contribution/{contribution_uid}