2023-12-14 Meeting minutes

Document status: done

Meeting Date: 14th December 2023

Meeting Time: 11:00-12:00 GMT

Location: Online, via Zoom

Planned agenda: https://openehr.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/healthmod/pages/2222719015

CPB: Clinical Program Board
CPXP: Clinical Program Expert Group
CKA: Clinical Knowledge Administrator (role in the Ocean’s openEHR CKM)


  • Paul Miller (CPB co-chair),

  • Vanessa Pereira (CPB co-chair),

  • Sebastian Garde (CPB)

  • Marina Rudenko (CPB)

  • John Tore Valand (CPXP)

  • Heather Leslie (CPXP)

  • Andjela Pavlovic (CPB)

  • Tara Bonet (CPB)

  • Wouter Zanen (CPB)


Invited but could not be present (with apologies):

  • Silje Bakke (CPXP)

  • Vebjørn Arntzen (CPXP)

  • Danielle Santos (?)

  • Joost Holslag (CPB)

  • Jill Riley (openEHR International Board)


Minutes content

  1. Welcome and Introductions / Apologies / Guests and members

  2. Minutes from Last Meeting 16th November NL - content approved by everyone

  3. Membership Update:

    • Kanthan: CPB approved

    • Heidi: Currently in CPXP with pending voting results (expected next week)

    Regarding communication issues:

    • Previously, there were problems with members not receiving messages via discourse, the issue has been addressed, and now everyone appears to be voting without encountering problems.

    Onboarding Procedures Document:

  4. CPB and Working Groups Update
    Operations - membership/voting/Discourse/Confluence/Jira - everyone should have an account on every communication channel at this point
    Regarding Finance and Roles:

    • Issue: CKA meetings are currently paused due to financial considerations and no yet reply from CPB in this aspect for all the stated roles. A file is being prepared and available here https://openehr.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/healthmod/pages/2214232093(in draft and waiting review).

    • Action Steps for CPB and CPXP Members:

      • CPB and CPXP members are encouraged to review the document shared above (content management process)

      • Discussion of the document is scheduled for the next CPB meeting in January.

    • Sharing with Rachel (openEHR CEO):

      • The document is being shared with Rachel as she requires it for the JIC (Joint Initiative Council) application.

    • CPB operations, structure and organization:

      • The document at s currently being structured and organized to align with the current process and organization of CPB.

      • Voting Process Enhancement: if the current state of discourse voting is effective, it will be adapted to the file in Confluence. This represents a new process for voting.

      • Integration of Jira and Confluence: CPB is considering incorporating Jira and Confluence as part of their workflow, specifically using a Kanban board setup.

      • Sharing Minutes: New meeting minutes will be shared, but initially, only a closed group (CPB & XP members) will have access to review them while in draft mode.

      • Orientation Meeting: Plans are in place to organize an orientation meeting or create a video tutorial on how to use Confluence and Jira. This initiative aims to ensure that everyone involved becomes familiar with the tools.

  5. JIC approach ()
    The Joint Initiative Council for Global Health Informatics Standardization works to bring together stakeholders to create and promote international standards in health informatics. openEHR wants to be part of this and Rachel and Stefan are working together to make this possible.
    Rachel has requested the organization of clinical content documentation, emphasizing the removal of outdated information and overall restructuring so they can have better access to the documentation that they need for their future presentation and for overall use within the community since its public access. Heather suggested leveraging Silje's past efforts in reorganizing Confluence to avoid duplicating efforts.

  6. Sponsor industry funding for creation of clinical models
    This was mentioned by Rachel that there's ideas about having sponsorship for creating new or maintaining archetypes. Heather and John highlighted challenges in securing funding for specific archetypes, emphasizing the need for use cases, research, drafting, and community collaboration with the right experts. Wouter emphasized the importance of aligning funding with Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) needs to avoid misallocation. To address funding challenges, the proposal involves reusing a previous process or outlining specific needs for archetypes, including funding, experts, domain knowledge, and time. Community input, particularly in the form of "wanna sponsor this specific archetype?” , is being considered. A draft approach for potential sponsors is being explored to better understand and communicate the associated issues. Wouter emphasized the need for a well-defined plan when accepting funds, and perhaps we could consider on including acknowledgment of sponsors in archetype body.

  7. CKM - activity update - no comments for now

  8. Participation - approaches - no comments for now

  9. AOB - Date of meetings 2024 - Vanessa to send a doodle for the next meeting via email. Invite Rachel too. Make it 1.30h meeting - next meeting 12 January 2024 10-11.30h GMT