openEHR Archetype publication 'Industry Sprint'

Recognising the advantage of a collaborative approach to clinical information model development, a group of companies, the openEHR Industry Alliance Group, have commissioned the publication of a set of archetypes hosted in the international openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) repository .

 Although the CKM repository hosts over 300 archetypes, due to editorial resource constraints only a small number have passed through the formal governance processes which allow vendors to implement them with confidence that they have been clinically assured and will follow established openEHR version control rules.
The Industry Group has contracted Ocean Informatics and freshEHR Clinical Informatics to deliver 69 key archetypes - to be authored, clinically reviewed and published and to support wider interoperability via alignment with epSoS, C-CDA and FHIR.
Openly Available 

All of the Industry Sprint archetypes will be published with copyright assigned to the openEHR Foundation and made freely available under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA licence - see for details

They will be hosted in the openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager and mirrored to the openEHR Foundation GitHub repository   "Check me out on GitHub" 

Rapid Development Methodology
The Industry Group have asked the editors to adopt a rapid development methodology, such that publication is achieved within a brief timescale, with shorter and fewer review rounds than has been customary in the past, commonly only one or two review rounds per archetype. It is recognised that this may result in the occasional mis-step and that a published archetype may need future substantial revision but the Editors and Industry Group believe that this risk is low as set against the advantages  to implementers of a rapid development cycle and publication. 
Getting involved    
openEHR members or other stakeholders who have an interest in a particular archetype should ‘adopt’ that archetype in the international CKM to ensure that they are notified when a review round begins. 
See Adopt an Archetype for full instructions.
The full list of archetypes intended to be published as part of the ‘Industry Sprint’ is listed at Proposed archetypes for 'Industry Sprint' Publication.

Current Status

After a slowish start the Sprint is now very active with numerous editorial and community team reviews taking place on a regular basis. Very many thanks to our editors and reviewers, most of whom are contributing to this effort in their own time. The overall numbers of archetypes have changed slightly as the need for some new archetypes has become evident and other archetypes have been rejected as being superseded.

DateCandidateRejectedEditor ReviewTeam reviewPublishedDeprecatedTotal
01 Oct 2014690000
15 May 2015263181213
28 June 201522418820
20 July 2015214171020
30 Sep 2015184171023
16 Oct 201515417828

16 Dec 2015

05 Apr 20166624933
26 Jun 2017519111235183
18 Jan 2018519101038183
7 Aug 20195205547284
30 Jan 20201263349284

The status of each archetype is displayed at Proposed archetypes for 'Industry Sprint' Publication.