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Rapid Development Methodology
The Industry Group have asked the editors to adopt a rapid development methodology, such that publication is achieved within a brief timescale, with shorter and fewer review rounds than has been customary in the past, commonly only one or two review rounds per archetype. It is recognised that this may result in the occasional mis-step and that a published archetype may need future substantial revision but the Editors and Industry Group believe that this risk is low as set against the advantages  to implementers of a rapid development cycle and publication. 
Getting involved    
openEHR members or other stakeholders who have an interest in a particular archetype should ‘adopt’ that archetype in the international CKM to ensure that they are notified when a review round begins. 
See Adopt an archetypeArchetype for full instructions.
The full list of archetypes intended to be published as part of the ‘Industry Sprint’ is listed at Proposed archetypes for 'Industry Sprint' Publication.


DateCandidateRejectedEditor ReviewTeam reviewPublishedTotal
01 Oct 201469000069
15 May 201526318121372
28 June 20152241882072
20 July 201521417102072
30 Sep 201518417102372
16 Oct 20151541782872

16 Dec 2015

05 Apr 2016662493378

The status of each archetype is displayed at Proposed archetypes for 'Industry Sprint' Publication.