• DRAFT for approval
  • CPB Ways of Working

    This page describes the normal ways of working for the CPB covering:

    • Internal communications

    • Documentation relating to meetings

    • Other documentation

    • File storage and sharing

    • Task management


    Applies to CPB members, CPB co-chairs and CPB Expert Panel members.


    All members in scope will be added to the private CPB category on openEHR Discourse. Discourse administrators and CPB administration support will manage this membership. If you think you should have access please contact @Jill Riley or any of the current co-chairs.

    All communications relevant to the CPB will be be made via Discourse or linked from there.

    Members should make sure they receive notifications or e-mails from CPB Category to keep up with any issues.

    We recommend that members ensure their Discourse settings are set, at least, to ‘watching’ for this category, as below:



    Documents relating to meetings, that is Agendas, Minutes and any associated papers, will be posted to Confluence.

    As new documents are published to Confluence an associated post will be made to the CPB Category on Discourse.

    If papers are considered sensitive and not suitable for open publication these will be shared in Discourse instead.

    Minutes and agendas that are in DRAFT will have access rights constrained to CPB and CPB Expert Panel members only.

    Approval of minutes

    Minutes from a meeting shall be published with a ‘Draft -for approval’ status in confluence. At the subsequent meeting if minutes are approved by the members their status shall be changed to ‘Approved’.

    Other documents and files

    Documents of relevance to the groups which are not related to meetings can be kept in a shared Google Drive managed by the CPB Administrator. Current contact comms.openehr@gmail.com if you need access.

    All CPB and CPB Expert Panel members will have ‘Editor' access to this folder.

    Task Management

    Tasks for the CPB will be managed via Jira, with separate Boards created as needed for particular subgroups.

    The CPB Co-chairs Jira Board.

    Proposed: A Jira Board is created for the CPB.

    CPB Co-chairs other ways of working

    The CPB co-chairs and the CPB administrator will maintain other communications channels as needed for managing the work of the CPB. Currently this makes use of an openEHR_CPB23 channel on the openEHRClinical Slack.

    The co-chairs also make use of Signal for instant messaging. It may be possible to use Discourse chat for this purpose, but doing so will require some learning and experimentation to see if it meets the needs of the co-chairs.