Clinical Program reboot - RFC

Completion date extended to 30 Sep 2022


As of 2022, it has become apparent that industry and jurisdictional interest in reliable clinical models has increased greatly. Many issues are now raised that are not strictly about models themselves, but about use, relationship with software, sharing within the industry and much else.

Historically, the openEHR Clinical Program has centred around clinical modelling, and the (sizeable) community around the Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM). Governance has accordingly been focussed on model artefacts.

In order to address the increasing needs as well as to introduce more formal governance, the openEHR Board has asked an informal group of 13 experts to put together a new definition of the openEHR ‘Clinical Program’ (as it will now be known) as a basis for future activities. The result so far of this may be found in the linked sub-pages of this page.

Comments and other constructive feedback are welcome in order to refine the definition of the Program described here.

Request for Comment (RFC) - ends 30 Sep 2022 (extended from 16)

We seek input from the openEHR community and beyond by 30 September 2022 on two items, found on the following pages:

How to Comment

For the definition (first link above), please provide comments to the text using the usual Confluence tools for commenting. This will record your identity and date.

For the ToR, see the page for how to comment.

For organisations that wish to comment in a more traditional manner, please send email to with the subject line “Clinical Program Board RFC feedback”.

What Happens Next?

The openEHR CIC Board will use the results of this RFC as the basis for formally establishing the new Clinical Program as an operational unit of openEHR International.

The process will be as follows:

  • RFC period 18 Aug - 16 Sep

  • Finalise CPB Terms of Reference (ToR) document accordingly

  • The openEHR CIC will make a public call for nominations (including self-nominations) for qualified (see definition below) individuals for membership of the initial Clinical Program Board (CPB)

  • The openEHR CIC will select a minimum of seven (7) nominations to create the CPB

  • The CPB will then run under its own Terms of Reference, and will be responsible for inviting new members, processing nominations, as well as undertaking the main business of the CPB.