2020-03-12 SEC Call notes


Mar 12, 2020


  • @Rong Chen

  • @Matija Polajnar

  • @Sebastian Iancu

  • @Sebastian Garde

  • @Erik Sundvall

  • @Pablo Pazos

  • @Thomas Beale

Discussion topics







arrangements for now virtual Stockholm meeting & seminar; update wiki page

Erik, Rong

  • SEC F2F Stockholm now virtual, also CDS seminar

AQL - current pull requests

@Pablo Pazos

Proposed approach on functions & operators on Foundation types, some DV types; BMM expressions

@Thomas Beale


RM 1.1.0 status

@Thomas Beale

One RM CR in particular (in progress) is https://openehr.atlassian.net/browse/SPECRM-94 , which is to fix the broken UML representing the operations on various types (like <, subtract() etc). So far I literally just changed the UML to correctly represent what was there before, in a wrong form. However, we potentially want to go further, connected with https://openehr.atlassian.net/projects/SPECBASE/issues/SPECBASE-26, which is to add some basic functions and operators to the Numeric and Date/time types. We need to discuss these changes and decide how far to go in this increment.

ADL2 terminology question

@Sebastian Garde


FHIR-related - e.g. @yampeku’s work, @ian.mcnicoll’s work…


(address in 2 weeks)

Action items

AQL 1.0.1 pull requests: review; @Thomas Beale , @Seref Arikan , @Sebastian Iancu
@pablo: perform LIMIT/OFFSET as agreed here - this is for 1.0.1.
@Thomas Beale post a more comprehensive description of functions & operators for data types
RM 1.1.0; ALL: review CRs in review state;
TAGS CR: @bna, @sebastian.iancu, @Better, @pablo + all to review wiki page.
New specifications active home page: post in Discourse to get opinions - @Sebastian Iancu


ADL2 terminology question: expert group to develop solution: @sebastian.garde , @ian.mcnicoll, Diego + Fabio@Better