2022-06-13 SEC Call notes


Jun 13, 2022

Discourse SEC calls


  • @Thomas Beale

  • @Sebastian Iancu

  • @Diego Boscá Tomás

  • @Bjørn Næss

  • @Seref Arikan

  • @Matija Polajnar

  • @Erik Sundvall

  • @Pieter Bos

  • @Rong Chen

  • @Ian McNicoll


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Discussion topics











5 min



USEFUL Jira RESOURCE: CRs I have not accepted.

10 min

SEC governance update.

@Thomas Beale @Sebastian Iancu

Co-chair election result.

Agree to default result (no vote; announce on Discourse)

10 min

SEC representation challenge, meeting time


Review from last call

Erik: rotation might be tricky;

Expand experts list (possibly significantly)

Voting formally taken care of by SEC core member, but we assume advice taken privately from each company experts.


NL event - report

@Sebastian Iancu

45 attendees from NL; good mix of devs, policy-makers (including ministry); FHIR experts;

Some recordings available (@Sebastian Iancu )

Main Agenda


RM Release 1.2.0




Finalising design approach to ‘archived’ lifecycle state: https://openehr.atlassian.net/browse/SPECRM-107


TB: propose we call this ‘inactive’ rather than ‘obsolete’.


Tags - currently in review, but is it complete?




ISM_TRANSITION doesn’t inherit from LOCATABLE

@Thomas Beale

Classes that ‘should’ inherit from LOCATABLE but don’t: ISM_TRANSITION, PARTICIPATION, ?EVENT_CONTEXT.

Allocate to openEHR RM 2.x

Archetypes? and templates should contain indicator to major version of RM

Migration guides, algorithms etc for data / model


How to connect ACTIONs to ACTIVITYs

@Pablo Pazos , @Birger Haarbrandt

RM 2.x for now


Upgraded / new demographics / registry model.

@Sebastian Iancu

RM 1.3.0 for now


Use UML enumeration?

@Pablo Pazos


15 min

AQL querying - picking up data from specialised archetypes.


See latter part of Discourse discussion.

@Seref Arikan - detailed analysis of AQL query results across system boundaries - pick up again next call.

Tips and Tricks





Hackers' Corner





Next SEC call


Outstanding topics:


Agenda items:

  • Jira SEC TODO project - get it running

  • @Seref Arikan present on AQL / specialised data by default / distributed envs




Action items

ALL - nominate in-house experts from your org for addition to SEC Expert Panel