CKM Release 1.2.0

CKM Release 1.2.0

Date: 4th March 2013

This CKM release is a major new release which achieves two main objectives:

1.     Modifications to the user interface to simplify the interface and allow users to focus on specific projects and components.

2.     Modifications and additions to CKM and associated tooling to create a model and terminology based end-to-end tool chain.

The first objective has been achieved by adding finer grained governance components, known as 'sub-domains', each with underlying 'project' sub-components. This means that clinical models can be 'owned' and developed more easily by various groups and jurisdictions in the eHealth community. Users now have a more customisable view of the application and can narrow their view to specific artefacts. The help system has been improved through enhancements to the navigation functions and understanding of functionality for new users.

The second objective has been achieved by adding functionality to enable an end-to-end tool chain with the following characteristics:

  •            clinical models (archetypes) that are reviewed and agreed on by domain experts
  •            templates that are built from archetypes and meet specifications for various work programs
  •            a transformation engine that can automatically produce outputs based on the templates, such as XML schema, SCS documents, CDA implementation guides, CDA instances and Schematron etc.
  •            connection to UML-based architectural documentation via a UML (XMI) output from the tool.

Importantly, the new tool chain allows end-to-end visibility and governance of the artefacts that are produced and published in this environment. The transformation engine allows us to continue to evolve its published artefacts and to add new ones without the vendor needing to modify the CKM environment.

The CKM application now has a project type called an incubator, for users to work on models and artefacts in a sand-box environment, before they are made visible to the general community.

Detailed List of Changes

Fixed: Need to add Termset to the message (Searching without selecting any resource).
Improved: After importing a resource, should go to the classification tab, but within the resource's main panel
Added: Validate oet on import
Fixed: Export bulk problem: If the bulk export's states set to anything different than the default active states, the exported file contains one archetype per folder
Fixed: Archetype concept name appears in original_language not the preferred client or server locale
Fixed: OID Registry: Should not be able to unassign or change oid for an already unassigned oid
Fixed: On rare occasions, two watches can be created for one user and one resource
Fixed: Twittering of updates shows stack trace with error code
Fixed: Email notifications for a new release set are not being sent
Improved: Release Set comparison should also consider Secondary and Associated Assets
Fixed: Resources Mindmaps are not sorting the nodes properly
Added: Add additional checks when importing a template that contains an embedded template
Fixed: Cannot directly commit a template after it has been uploaded
Improved: Selecting Release sets - > Adoptions/Watchlist should open Release set tab on the left
Fixed: Status of Resources statistics: Deprecated has wrong color combination in figure and subtitle
Fixed: Difference between All active, under review, published is no longer honoured in the left hand panel
Fixed: Template with an OID template id cannot be imported in CKM if a super-string of the OID is already used as another template id
Fixed: Retrieving Concept description in a particular language may fail in rare combinations
Fixed: OPT not being rendered for OET's with embedded templates
Fixed: Constraint binding to one terminology more than once should be displayed
Fixed: Constraint binding to more than one terminology: Only one is displayed
Fixed: Mediaflux Dictionary trouble leading to problems in retrieving terms
Improved: Constraint binding urls should be url-decoded before display in CKM's html-based views
Fixed: Discussion formatting only works partly
Fixed: Very occasionally, on CKM loading/login an error is displayed that Release Sets could not be loaded
Fixed: Edit/delete button display for resource document causes an error for normal users
Fixed: There should be no direct link for a resource doc that only consists of a link, but no file
Fixed: Resource Centre document upload error
Fixed: InputStream problems when transforming using a customised transform
Fixed: Two Plugin libs are ignored by Mediaflux
Fixed: InputStream needs to be properly closed when transforming a termset
Improved: Change RoleTypes to enums both for project-based and instance wide role types
Fixed: Normal users don't get a context menu for release sets
Improved: Rename OKM Administrator to Technical Administrator
Changed: Restrict the creation of incubators to CKAs (and general admins)
Added: Add instance-wide option to restrict branching of archetypes to Editors and Translators only
Fixed: Transform parameters don't work properly
Improved: Significantly reduce background rights for not-signed in user
Fixed: The choice element doesn't support slot option.
Fixed: Cannot revoke review invitations as editor
Fixed: Template's simple view doesn't display Parsable icon and formalism .
Fixed: Can't upload an archetype to CKM test site
Fixed: Direct access to an archetype in a slot is no longer working consistently
Fixed: Potential xss vulnerability
Fixed: Picture server can be misused to display other files than pictures
Improved: Improve html sanitizing for comments
Improved: Upgrade Axis2 related libs and functionality to Axis2 1.6.2 (middle tier)
Fixed: Adding a translation to an archetype reports wrong change to a constraint
Fixed: Adding a translation to an archetype fails in rare combination
Improved: On login, refresh already opened archetype, template, termset, release set, project and incubator tabs
Improved: Help Improvements
Changed: Mediaflux server upgrades to 3.7.032, 3.7.043, 3.7044, 3.7.049
Improved: Project Resources view is too small and does not scroll
Fixed: Archetype Comparison / Validation failing on branch
Fixed: For language dependent archetype description, CKM uses entry from another language if the current one doesn't have the respective element
Fixed: Cannot edit details of a link-only resource documentation
Added: TDS (Temlate Data Schema) generation
Improved: CKM Tabs should close on mouse up, not mouse down
Improved: Context Menus in CKM should allow selection of item on right-click
Improved: An Error or success message box without further details should close on enter
Fixed: Release Set Manifest generation may fail if no explicitly included archetypes
Fixed: Mediaflux Dates are not parsed when using a database with German Date formatting in an English environment
Added: Extensive Asset filtering options
Added: Support for Sub-domains, Projects and Incubators
Fixed: Issue with classloading of xmlbeans for OETs and OPTs
Improved: Make the top-left logo configurable by directly uploading a logo
Added: Add support for GENERIC _ENTRY archetypes
Fixed: any_allowed should not be used in xml archetypes
Fixed: Searching for { fails with an error
Added: Add Last Modification Date to the Status View of an archetype
Added: Uploading documentation (Specification and CDA Implementation Guides) for Templates
Added: Integration of Schematron Files for Templates
Added: Generic XML comparison of Schematron validation file versions
Fixed: Some values in a comparison panel of a resource are displayed RTL although they shouldn't
Added: Add OPT comparison to the Template Revision History
Added: Overview mindmaps for archetypes and templates should show the URL for download
Added: Should be able to specify (via the link) the preferred language for the archetypes overview mindmap
Improved: When manually downloading the archetypes overview mindmap, the filename should be generic
Fixed: Status page appears to be incorrectly displaying Translation Review status summary
Fixed: Unnecessary scrollbars for assigning team members
Added: Create new Active Reviews portlets to replace the current active reviews portlet AND the Completed Reviews portlet
Fixed: Problem in English reminder email "resouce-type-caps"
Improved: Change reminder frequency for non-completed reviews
Improved: Change name of review "Asked" state to "Invited"
Improved: Ensure that the Active Reviews portlet is always visible on the Dashboard even if not configured in the Dashboard config
Improved: Error Message with ordered or unordered lists should show the list
Improved: Service account should not be visible in CKM frontend
Fixed: Loading archetype via Webservice fails if the server doesn't know its own url
Improved: Remove Axis 2 pages subdirectory
Improved: Validation on Archetype upload vs Validation report
Fixed: When changing archetype's Id, the left hand panel needs to be refreshed.
Fixed: Typo in Release set \ Related resources
Fixed: The content of the two different feedbacks are the same after reopening the review round summary
Fixed: Unable to upload specialisation of Fetal Heart Monitoring
Improved: Deactivated users should not be part of users that get emails in CKM
Improved: Sanitize HTML input from discussions
Improved: Finetuning of OPT XSLT
Improved: Finetuning of the HTML-Editor for composing discussions, emails....
Improved: Use a standard width for textfields, textareas, selection boxes etc in the template OPT rendering
Improved: Align the textareas etc for each hierarchy level in a generated template
Improved: DV_ORDINAL values should be shown in the rendered OPT form
Fixed: "Refresh all" removes the Find resources button
Fixed: "Upload translation to this branch" does not work if the user has not checked out a branch on his own for the archetype
Fixed: When cutting and pasting into a CKM message eg Invitation to review, fonts get changed
Improved: After Checking out an asset in CKM, the History page should be refreshed to display the new branch
Fixed: Unable to upload translations to ACTION.follow-up in openEHR CKM
Improved: Should not group by concept name in Review Rounds Summary IF restricted to latest review round only
Improved: Language display order
Added: Issue for resolution re Outdated Branches
Fixed: Problem adding Perinatal to the classes of an asset
Fixed: Review Rounds summary for translation reviews shows Terminology in the grid header, instead of translation
Fixed: After backup of mediaflux DB, no log in possible any more (openehr instance)
Added: Relevance Rating for search (used to determine the order of displayed assets)
Fixed: openEHR CKM instance. After a week or so of running ok, the login doesn't work anymore
Fixed: Display Context edit documentation: window too small File upload browse button to display in full
Added: Display values and value sets for templates in CKM
Fixed: Directly committing a termset after submitting, header shows "Commit termset : null"
Improved: Do not repeat the name of the term for annotations in a template
Added: Add comparison for Termset queries and templates
Fixed: Annotations are not displayed in CKM-rendered templates any more
Added: Support wildcards in search query for resources
Improved: During translation reviews, should not be able to comment on Translator details
Fixed: When sending an email, by selecting the 'Email Reviewer' option within a review round, the Send button is not visible.
Improved: Ask for confirmation when leaving CKM and review or review feedback is being worked on
Improved: Message displayed after sending an email from within CKM review for clarification
Fixed: "My Archetype Review Invitations" sometimes doesn't work well.
Added: In addition to declining a review invitation there should be the option to decline for all further reviews for the resource
Improved: Adopting a resource with an open review round email finetuning
Added: Differentiate between "Save and continue", "Save and close" and "Save and submit Review" when reviewing an archetype
Fixed: Creating a new team/project and choosing it the first time causes error
Added: Ability to generate a flat view of a release set
Added: Generic capability to plugin XSLTs for certain types of assets and transform these assets
Added: Project Resource Center
Added: Display active project/incubator invitations/requests only
Added: Make all project/tema functionality accessible after selecting it (toolbar)
Improved: My Active Reviews portlet should be there always for reviewers that have an active review invitation
Added: Add Display of Project/Incubator roles to Profile/User roles
Added: XMI generation
Fixed: Validation of term bindings to ArchetypeInternalRef subnodes fails
Added: Template Publication Tooling
Improved: After importing a resource, should go to the classification tab, but within the resource's main panel
Added: Enable searching for the citeable identifier in the Find Resources Tab
Fixed: Comparison of term/constraint bindings not accurate when there are non-unique codes per terminology
Fixed: Comparison of C_DV_QUANTITY lists if added/or removed _completely_ shows ugly comparison
Added: Support multiple layers of embedding templates
Fixed: Need to add Termset to the message (Searching without selecting any resource).
Fixed: Double click on the "Export Release set (zip)" does nothing for certain release sets
Added: Enable searching for OID or OID-like template identifiers and other metadata that looks like an OID
Fixed: ArchetypeComparer finds phantom changes in non-unique constraint bindings
Improved: Upgrade ADL Parser and related libraries to the latest (mutable) versions

Fixed: Fix problem with archetype slots with internal description, not being displayed in ckm
Fixed: Multiple Invitations should all be tried to be sent if smtp server not available at present
Added: Add custom html to invitation emails for projects
Added: Ask accepters of an invitation to a project if they want to set this as their preferred view
Improved: Gray theme slightly modified for readability of headings
Improved: Copyright overwrite the diff is displaying - note automatically will be changed to xyz...
Fixed: Date fields in opt html rendition truncated on Chrome Mac
Fixed: Constant opening and closing of Datatype Info window on Chrome
Improved: Display of session Id in mindmap URL only if necessary
Added: Support for IE 10
Fixed: Adverse Reaction Review Round "0" problem
Fixed: New Review Round 0 and unfinished Reviews appearing problem
Improved: Frame around the Reviews when providing feedback
Fixed: Direct link for private resource in an incubator must login and then actually show the resource
Fixed: In non-english locale: Trunk archetype may be seen as branch
Fixed/Added: pt = Portuguese , add pt-pt for Portuguese (Portugal)
Fixed/Improved: XML archetype inconsistencies
Improved: Project home panel only half filled when non logged in  - very small when resized
Added: Internationalisation for Validation properties for archetype validator
Added: Internationalisation of archetype comparison
Fixed: New resource emails not being sent out  due to error in order of setting relationship to project
Fixed: Correct order of headings for submitted and overall recommendation in CSV Reviews per user report
Fixed: Correct little mistake - missing , between review rounds in Reviews per resource report csv
Added: VATCD specialisation validation
Improved: Archetype list on the left should prefer the client language
Fixed: Not logged in Archetype Main Panel toolbar slightly too small
Fixed: HTML display of Arabic Syrian archetype - RTL is wrongly displayed
Fixed: Reviews in a non-English language - should run in the server's locale if the archetype is available in that language
Improved: Failed email sending, reduce number of retries, but at the same time doubling the time period for retries (to over 24h) by gradually increasing the time in between two tries
Added: Add tooltip to Bulk export panels
Fixed: Find resources: Project/Incubator search fails
Added: Add options to bulk download: Projects/incubators, both..., individual projects
Fixed: Typos: archetype instead of template or termset
Fixed: Do not show overall compatiblity for templates

Fixed: Validation properties problem, one replacement string not being replaced, one localisation key missing
Improved: Find resource query string that is displayed should indicate if searching within projects / projects & incubators or incubators only
Improved: Name constraint with coded text, once ccodephrase is not shown, just putting the old name in brackets. Should add the new at code's text and its description as the tooltip.
Fixed: Mindmaps with constraint bindings are not properly displayed
Improved: Better display of terminology binding constraints in the Archetype Views
Improved: Resource Download url should be the right one for the user's client language settings. Same for projects, and other resources
Improved: Better display of mindmap notes
Fixed: Mindmap display fix problem with new lines in lists causing a new point
Improved: Change predraft icon to more purple and rename PREDRAFT state to INITIAL and use this for all incubator resources
Fixed: Problem with paths for annotation - unwanted whitespace
Upgrade usage of Vectors to Lists in preparation for the next mediaflux upgrade
Improved: Incubator resource reviews were only prevented at the very last second, should prevent on selecting the resource
Fixed: Incubator resources should not have a toolbar item for reviews
Fixed/Improved: More work on hide on form support in the opt xslt - for root, compensate the missing start of the path
Improved: OPT XSLT: top align widgets and texts...DV_QUANTITY, upper and lower, choice constraints
Improved: Enable compression of html, js, css, ... On the servers
Improved: Add async attributes to javascript loading to speed up initial loading were possible
Fixed: Add flashfreemind.css back so that it is not throwing errors because it is missing
Improved: Add Caching of CSS, JS, and images for three months
Improved: Add right-click menu for project home panel resources
Improved: Direct checkout for translation and then continue directly without having to reselect the archetype
Improved: Unify getStatus service for all resources, including status of related trunk
Fixed: Problem with termsets, templates simple view of a branch (never shows)
Fixed: Project Panel should not be displayed for branched resources
Fixed: Find resources: The first time this starts the default "All Projects" is not honoured and instead all are displayed
Added: resource_package_uri needs to be supported in CKM
Added: Support for uid of archetype in ADL
Fixed: Infinite lop when creating a release set and sending out the notification emails, resulting in StackOverflowError
Improved: Change release Set directory name of sub release sets to the RS identifier (with . Replaced to _ for all platforms support)
Fixed: Release Set Comparison fails with Null Pointer Exception when a change has no position group
Improved: Release Set Comparison should show a Position (archetype, template, ...)
Improved: Set Position group to the resource type if null - > appropriate grouping
Improved: Add Resource ids in additon to the main display name when comparing release sets
Improved: For associated assets, add the extension in brackets when comparing release sets
Fixed: Release Set Comparison confuses secondary assets and associated assets
Fixed: Archetypes panel not displayed very occasionally
Fixed: Direct link to a branch resource doesn't work - because the status is not retrieved because a branch doesn't have one, we need to make sure it knows that it is branch
Fixed: Memory leak problem on the server when uploading resources and deleting them later
Fixed: Invite project to review - only shows projects/incubators an admin also has explicit editing rights for - should show all for an admin
Fixed: Initial state is not always properly changed to draft if the resource is assigned from an incubator to a project
Fixed: When changing from an incubator to a project and we need to update the icon in the toolbar as well as the visible icons